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We continuously provide new solutions, looking to what’s coming “next.”
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It’s provides products that are ideal for the Japanese market,
by combining proper and cogent Japanese translations, website building, and DTP.
Our strength lies in our creative and highly persuasive products that combine design with words.
Page Title : Services

Here is an introduction to our three services: Translation into persuasive Japanese,
Website localization/building, DTP and video localization/production.

Sub Title : Language Services

Translation into persuasive Japanese

Translations we provide differ from those offered by ordinary translation companies in that we don't just convert words and sentences into Japanese. Our translators and copywriters choose the best translations according to context and provide them in elegant Japanese. In short, we offer “a creative translation service = transcreation, which goes beyond mere translation.” Choose us, if you are seeking written words that are more persuasive to reach the hearts of the Japanese.
Sub Title : Web Creation

Website localization/building

We also build websites besides translations. As well as localising websites that appeal to the Japanese, including translations, we can rebuild websites for the Japanese market. From translations to website building, we can provide a one-stop solution that saves you the trouble of making separate arrangements for translations and website building.
Sub Title : DTP and video

DTP and video localization/production

Let us localise your DTP such as company brochures, school prospectuses, PR magazines, in-house newsletters, and posters. Are you going to translate all the texts for publication? Are you going to rebuild your product using only the parts for the Japanese market? We can do both. You can also count on us to produce your company and product videos.
Enquiries, Advice and Quotation.
Feel free to contact us about prospective projects, quotation,
and advice/enquiry about our various services.
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